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            Welcome to the Metropolitan Transport Forum

            The Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF) is an advocacy group comprising members from Melbourne metropolitan local government, associate members representing transport companies, and participants from the State Government and environment groups.

            MTF Executive for 2019

             The MTF Officer Bearers and Executive for 2019 (as elected at the February meeting) are as follows:

            Office bearers

            Chair:   Cr Martin Zakharov (City of Maribyrnong)

            Deputy Chair: Cr Jonathan Marsden (City of Hobsons Bay)

            Treasurer: Cr. Jackie Fristacky (City of Yarra)

            Secretary: Paul Hamilton (City of Casey)

            General committee

            Cr Tom Melican (City of Banyule)

            Cr  Anna Chen (City of Manningham)

            Cr Katherine Copsey (City of Port Phillip)

            Cr Stuart James(City of Monash)

            The MTF welcomes Councillors Anna Chen, Katherine Copsey and Stuart James, and thanks retiring members Cr Paul McLeish, Cr Andrea Surace and Clare Davey.  Observers Cr Clarke Martin and Jane Waldock also made a valuable contribution.

            Meetings in 2019  -  dates are as follows

            • Wednesday 6th February:  Jeroen Weimar, Public Transport Victoria (PTV)
            • Wednesday 6th March:   Paul Hamilton, City of Casey, innovative transport graphics and analytics
            • Wednesday 3rd April:  Daniel Bowen, Public Transport Users Association (PTUA)
            • Wednesday 1st May:   Bus advocacy, Shire of Mornington Peninsula, plus on-demand bus XEMO
            • Wednesday 4th June:  City of Melbourne transport strategy (draft in consultation phase)          
            • Wednesday 3rd July:   City of Moreland integrated transport strategy (finalised)
            • Wednesday 1st August:  
            • Wednesday 4th September: 
            • Wednesday 2nd October:  Michel Masson, CEO, Infrastructure Victoria
            • Wednesday 6th November:     
            • Wednesday 4th December: 
            For meeting record follow link or see Monthly Meeting page

            Advocacy 2018

            In February the MTF made a submission to the state transport budget focussing on buses

            Advocacy 2017/2018  -  for review in April / May 2019

            Advocacy strategy for 2017,2018 and on going has been 
            • stimulate transport debate prior to the state election by developing a series of Council-based transport forums providing opportunity for the community to debate local transport issues with candidates
            • a priority focus on buses.
            MTF transport forums
            The pre-election Council-based transport forums have become a regular event for the MTF, and have been organised in the lead-up to the 2010, 2014 and now 2018 state elections to enable the community to debate local transport issues with election candidates. In 2018 14 forums were held by member councils in metropolitan Melbourne.  They were organised by Greg Day, Edunity, and all proceedings can be found at www.transportforum.org.au.

            MTF event Bus Matters

            As a lead event for the MTF bus advocacy program for 2017/2018 the MTF hosted a forum on Tuesday 31st October 2017 focussing on what can be done to help buses play a greater role in the local transport mix.  An interesting line up of speakers provided valuable insight into the bus sector as follows:

            • Professor Graham Currie, Monash University,
            • Dr Chris Lowe, Bus Association of Victoria
            • Rene Lalabande, Transdev (international transport operator managing a large sector of Melbourne's buses)
            • Dr Elliot Fishman, Institute of Sensible Transport  
            • David Silvester, Chris Loader, Transport for Victoria

            A workshop organised by Phillip Boyle and Associates (PBA) followed in the afternoon working through the many issues to do with buses and concentrating into some common themes of importance to all member councils.  These will be carried on for future advocacy.  

            In 2018 bus advocacy has been maintained as an underfunded and much needed element of the public transport system, which despite a number of major rail projects, is still the only public transport option for much of Melbourne.  See www.billions4buses.melbourne for ongoing bus advocacy.

            General Background

            The Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF) is an advocacy group comprising members from Melbourne metropolitan local government, associate members representing transport companies, and participants from the State Government and environment groups.

            The MTF endeavours to promote effective, efficient and equitable transport in metropolitan Melbourne and improved transport choices by 

            • providing a forum for debate among members of the transport sector
            • encouraging information sharing among member local governments
            • representing local government viewpoint to decision makers
            • fostering and sponsoring research on occasion
            • seeking to influence transport policy and project implementation in the broader metropolitan interest
            • working with local government counterparts
            • enabling networking and collaboration between local and state government 
            • disseminating information on transport topics. 

            The MTF holds a regular monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of the month which includes a presentation on a transport topic of interest and relevance to local governments.  Meetings are open to all, please contact mtf@ if interested to attend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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